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West Bengal :: Introduction
When Bankim Chandra Chatterjee composed his famous song, “Vande Mataram”, over a hundred years ago in 1882, he was in many ways symbolizing the beauty of Bengal. Some things here are still eternal. The rich culture of the state binds the population together through its unique unity in diversity and offers matchless geographical variety to its visitors.

West Bengal, situated in the eastern part of the Indian peninsula, is one of the country’s medium-sized, states. However, in its physical form, it is a complete representation of the Indian subcontinent.

Darjeeling, its northern end, is embraced by the arms of the mighty Himalayas. The Dooars in the foothills are rich in forest. The unconquerable river Ganga flows across the state’s rich alluvial plains to reach the Bay of Bengal in the south, through vast swamps that are known as the Sundarbans. The districts in the west are semi-arid. 

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