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Dadra And Nagar Haveli :: Tourist Centers
The Tribal Cultural Museum at Silvassa houses a good collection of masks, musical apparatus, fishing gadgets and life-size statues.

Khanvel is situated at a distance of 20 km from Silvassa. The drive to Khanvel is amazing with tall trees on both sides of the road. This serene landscape is surrounded by lush green hills that beckon nature lovers with its grazing land and native-styled cottages amidst terraced gardens. The Sakartod River flows past Khanvel.

20-km away from Khanvel is Dudhni where the large waterfront of river Damanganga provides a breathtaking view of the water spread over Madhuban Dam. The luxurious tents erected right near the bank provide a countryside experience. Tourists can also cook their own meals near the camp.

Vandhara Udyan at Silvassa is a riverside park with sprawling lawns, with exquisite pavilions, an ideal site for picnics.

On Silvassa–Dadra Road is Hirwa Van, a beautiful garden with gushing waterfalls, cloudy cascades, rustic stonewalls, twin arches, tiny kiosks and soft lawns along with an island of flowers.

The Vanganga Lake and Island Garden is a beautiful lake garden situated 5 km from the capital city of Silvassa. It is an ideal ambiance for honeymooners with it’s the flowers, thatched huts, paddleboats, rustic wooden bridges and jogging paths.

There is also a Mini Zoo and Bal Udyan at Silvassa. It contains colorful birds, playful monkeys, awesome pythons and sluggish crocodiles together with swings, slides and merry-go-rounds. It is a site of every kid's dream come true. 

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