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Chandigarh :: Fairs And Festivals
People celebrate spring festivals, tree plantation festivals, rose and chrysanthemum shows, dog shows and kite-flying festivals with as much gaiety and zest as they celebrate Diwali, Holi or any other religious function. Chandigarh citizens are also a very culturally conscious. For a small city of its size, there are more than five major auditoriums and a similar number of art galleries. More and bigger cultural centers are being planned to be built to cater to the growing demands of art and theater lovers. In autumn and winter when the sun is placid there can be a good number of art exhibitions and concrete openings in the city. The influential people of the city are seen at these exhibitions as they see such occasions as an important status symbol.

Last but not the least Chandigarh is extraordinary since merely within four decades a barren landscape has been transformed into a modern and model human habitation. 

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