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Chandigarh is known as the city of ‘today’. It is also often called the “City Beautiful” or the “Garden City”-both given to it by its residents. The city is considered as the Mecca of modern architecture and planning all over the world. Most Indian towns are old have a significant historic background and architectural remains, but Chandigarh is different. It has a planned layout and sleek buildings.

This new city of India was formed out of the partition of India. The state of Punjab required a new capital and Chandigarh was created to serve this purpose. It also is the symbol of faith and confidence for the resurgent republic.

In spite of its modern and sleek buildings, Chandigarh is quite traditional. It is a mix of an old and new city. Along with the departmental stores one can see the pavement hawkers doing quick sales here and there. Small vendors from their creative movable shops on bicycles offer attractive bargains. In the residential areas, the traditional rehriwallahs (cart shops) are very popular.

It takes a city hundreds of years to develop a distinct personality and character of its own. But Chandigarh, only a 40 year old city-an infant compared to other cities-has already come of age and assumed an ambience of its own.

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