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Arts And Crafts

Crafts in Gujarat are a way of life, a process that transforms even the most ordinary object of daily use into a thing of beauty. The skill of the Gujarati craftsperson such as a weaver or a metalworker, a woman who embroiders for herself or a potter who creates pieces of art out of clay, is bound to leave one mesmerized.

Textiles are Gujarat's gift and one can find a huge variety of textile traditions here, from robust folk textiles to fine brocades. The most popular textile styles are Airakh prints of Kutch, Sodagiri of Paithanpuri, and Bandhej of Jamnagar. Patola silk sari’s from Patan, Pichwais of Lord Shrinath, Tanchoi or silk brocade from Surat, and the dye of Jamnagar are quite famous all over India and abroad.

Wood carving is another important craft in Gujarat. The wood carving is made more obvious through the many ornately carved temples, havelis and palaces as well as objects of daily and ritual use. Utensils are another area where the craftspersons of Gujarat have excelled. Gujarat is also famous for its terracotta work, especially votive terra-cotta figurines which one can find by the hundreds at small shrines built in forests, along roads, outside villages, on lonely hill-tops and under large trees. Jewelry is yet another fascinating craft in Gujarat. Each tribe or clan has different types of ornaments and each of them has retained the uniqueness of these ornaments.

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