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The old stone fort, built in the 12th century AD by the local Ratta rulers, is an important spot though not much of the original structure remains. This fort was renovated and built on by successive rulers who ruled Belgaum from time to time. Belgaum's Watchtower and Sunset Point should not be missed if one wants to savor the scenic beauty surrounding this town.

Belgaum is famous for its temples and religious-minded tourists could find a number of temples here, the main ones, being the Kapileshwar temple, the Shani temple and the Maruti Temple.

The town of Belgaum is also known for its well-maintained parks. The Nath Pai Park, Shivaji Udyan and Sambhaji Udyan are important parks in Belgaum.

Another important sightseeing place in Belgaum is the Cantonment area, built by the British during their rule in India. The Cantonment area, also known as the Camp, spreads to the southern and western part of the town.

Apart from military buildings, it houses a number of well-preserved, functional buildings like churches, bungalows, schools, etc., built on the traditional colonial style of architecture.

The Cantonment area resembles a world of its own and one is sent back in time, as he walks through tree-lined lanes. A walk along Elphistone Road, Club Road, Commissariat Road, Victoria Barracks, and Chapel Road, in the Cantonment is a delightful experience.

A number of religious monuments are located within the cantonment area. The Masjid-Sata mosque, which dates back to the 16th century AD, the Mahadeva temple with its beautiful gardens, the St. Mary's Church of England, St. Xavier's Church, Catholic Cathedral and St. Anthony's Church, all lie within the lush green environs of the Cantonment.

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