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Andhra Pradesh


Pulihara (tamarind rice) is the main course in Andhra Pradesh, and green chilies add spice to the cuisine. The Andhra pickle (extremely hot) is a favorite all over the country. Papads, roasted or fried, are another popular snack. Due to the rule of the Nawabs and Nizams, there is also a strong Muslim influence on the cuisine in the form of rich, spicy local dishes, especially in the area around the capital. The world famous Hyderabadi Biryani, a blend of rice and meat cooked over hot coals, the Nahari, the Kulcha and the Kebabs have a lot in common with the northern Mughlai cuisine. Other very famous dishes include Bagara Baingan, or seasoned eggplant, and Haleem (spiced pounded wheat with mutton).

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