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Jammu And Kashmir


Kashmiri cuisine consists of deliciously spicy meat dishes and a touch of saffron in almost all Kashmiri dishes. Meat is the staple food of Kashmir and most of the special dishes have mutton as a major ingredient. The specialities of Kashmiri cuisine are, Nahari - a special breakfast dish, which is a stew of tongue, seasoned with cassia buds, cardamom, sandalwood powder, vetiver roots and dried rose petals. The sheermal bread goes well with this stew.

Rogan Josh - is another speciality of Kashmir which is, a spiced lamb cooked in yogurt and aniseed, a spice not very commonly used in other regional cuisines.

Tabak maz - is spiced crispy fried ribs.

Qorma – is a light sour creamy dish. Here the shoulder of lamb and tail are cooked in milk and dried apricots.

Yakhni - uses curd as the base for its sauce.

Rista – was the first gravy dish to make its appearance in a wazwan. It is a meatball of pounded lamb.

Gushtaba – it is a giant meatball made of pounded lamb and cooked in curd gravy.

Semolina pudding – is a pudding which sometimes follows the main courses of the wazwan.

Gota – is a dessert served after wazwan and, is a mixture of aniseed, sugar candy, bits of supari (optional), plainly grated coconut and kernels of muskmelon seeds.

One must note that there aren’t too many sweet dishes in the Kashmiri cuisine.

Another specialty of Kashmir is saffron. It is the world’s most expensive spice. Farmers would have to harvest 70,000 of Crocus sativus flowers to extract 210 thousand stigmas to make one pound of saffron.

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