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Flora And Fauna

Around 30% of total land in Meghalaya is under forest cover. Depending on the varied scales of rainfall at different parts of the year and at different altitudes and places, both tropical and temperate vegetation occur in Meghalaya. Different parts of many plants growing in Meghalaya have been put to medicinal use. The forests of Meghalaya are a rich source of timber, and the bulk of timber for trade, originates from the private forests.

Timber trade forms an integral and vital element in the economy of Meghalaya. Some of the important tree species, which yield valuable timber for trade, are Khasi pine, Sal, Teak, and Bamboos. The forests of Meghalaya are a treasure house of valuable products such a timber, fuel wood, fodder, resin, tannin, gums, shellac, fiber, latex, essential oils, fats, edible fruits, honey and a large number of medicinal plants.

Meghalaya is a storehouse of richly varied and colorful orchids with as many as 325 species, which grow all over the Khasi, Jaintia, and Garo Hills in the meadows, hill-slopes, swamps, and even on the roadside.

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