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There is not much information on the history of Meghalaya apart from accounts of the more important Khasi kingdoms in the chronicles of the neighboring Ahoms and Kacharis.

The first written history of the state came into existence only after the British tried to construct a rail line through this area to connect Bengal and Assam that ultimately led to a treaty with the Khasi principality of Nonkhlaw. However, with the treaty came opposition, which forced the ruler to repudiate the treaty in 1829. This led to direct confrontation between the Khasis and the British and by 1830s, the local rulers gave in to the latter rulers.

The tribes continued their practices in seclusion until rulers of the region agreed to the newly independent country of India. The region was included in the united province of Assam for administrative reason, which led to the agitation by the local population. The region was granted full statehood on January 21, 1972.

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