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Arts & Crafts

Rajasthani art and craft, with its staggering variety, beauty and color has contributed the most to the crafts collage of the country.

Rajasthani arts & crafts also include the world famous phad paintings, pichwais, and exquisite miniature paintings that are the pride of serious collectors all over the world.

Rajasthani jewellery, mostly silver embellished with meena work, fabulous fabrics, the arrestingly lovely costumes, traditional items of furniture, traditional art of tie-and-dye textiles, Laheriyas or the delicately created patterns in waves, the pachranga or five colored bhandej (tie -and-dye) on sarees, odhnis, or mantles and safas or turbans, sarees from Kota, hand block printing, geometric ajraks, historic jajam prints, feather-soft and feather-light Jaipuri razai (quilt), handmade paper, blue pottery, jootis or remarkably sturdy footwear, lamp shades, vases, perfume vials, photo frames, gesso work in floral designs, hand-knotted woolen carpets and extensive range of cotton rugs called durries are some of the arts and crafts that have attracted people all over the world.

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