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Arunachal Pradesh

Fairs And Festivals

The people enjoy life, are welcoming, warm and hospitable with a bubbling urge to make the most of the natural bounty. The festivals mirror the people’s culture, their artistic genius, and skill at making music and dance forms. Practically each month of the year witnesses a festival of one tribe or the other. The Losar Festival of the Monpas hails their new year and is celebrated for five days. The houses are cleaned and Buddhist prayers are offered for prosperity and good health. Colorful prayer flags are hoisted atop the temples and dwelling places. The Mopin Festival of the Galo tribe in Siang District lasts for five days when wealth, prosperity, and universal happiness are sought. The festivities of the Idu Mishmi Tribe of Lohit District are devoted to the appeasement of the deities for six days. It ends with a colorful fanfare and dances by the priests.

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