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Arts And Crafts

While in Orissa, a visitor cannot miss the rich handicrafts and the handloom textiles heritage that, the state boasts of. Especially noteworthy is the art of silver filigree work that has reached new dimension here.

Silversmiths at Ganjam are also involved in making jewellery, tiepins, cuff links, picture-frames and handbags. On the other hand the weavers of Sambalpur, create colourful saris and Ikat fabrics in styles unique to themselves.

The technique involves both the skills of paintings and craftsmanship. Pipli, a small town between Bhubaneswar and Puri, is famous for its appliqué work out of which the craftsmen create colourful bags, bedspreads and garden umbrellas.

After seeing the fine relief work and sculpture at the numerous temples in the Golden Triangle, it does not come as a surprise to see stone carving as one of the most important and well developed crafts of this state.

Stone carving is widely practiced in and around Puri though, there are other smaller centres as well. Similarly, the paintings of Raghurajpur, a village near Puri, are also well known for their themes depicting various scenes from Indian mythology and those incorporating the three principle deities of the Puri temple-Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra.

Professional sankharis of Narainpur in South Orissa, usually women, make wedding bangles of Iac and clay with exquisite ornamental work. They also make lacquer ware such as jewellery or gift boxes etc. Other craftsmen near Puri prepare wonderful masks used in Yatras and festivals.

Other handicrafts of Orissa include horn-work of Cuttack, palm leaf etching, ivory work, making of mats, decorations made with paddy grains and utensil making.

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