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There are 62 different tribal communities in Orissa. These include, the Santhals, Hos, Mundas, Parajas, Kondtis and Oraons-all of who are known for their oral poetry, rich in symbolism.

There is a tribal saying here that says: 'the tribe that dances, never dies'. The tribals constitute about 23 per cent of the total population of the state.

The elegant tribal culture is reflected in Oriya poems, architecture, wall decorations, music and the tales of fishing and hunting. Take for example the Chitrakuta-Geeta, which is a widely practiced tattooing song.

Door-to-door tattooist, traditionally women, used to sing these tuneful love songs. The tattoo designs included stylized mango blossoms, cuckoos and the five flower arrows of the love god - Kama.

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