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Daman And Diu

Tourist Centers

In Daman, the 17th-century-old Se Cathedral and the Church of Our Lady of Rosary in Moti (Big) Daman are a big tourist attraction where one can see the exquisite Portuguese carvings on the walls of these churches which are built in ancient Gothic style. One can also visit the Fort of St. Jerome at Nani (Little) Daman. Situated there also is a Jain temple. The Gandhi Park at Daman jetty, the Light House and the amusement park are other places of interest. The lake garden of Satya Nagar Udyan is famous for its fountains and promenades. The beaches in Daman are very beautiful. The Devka beach is the most famous of them all. The other beaches include the Jampore beach, which is very near to the Gujarat border.

The Zampa Gateway in Diu attracts a great number of tourists. It has carvings of lions, angels and a priest. It also has a chapel inside with an inscription dating back to 1702. The artificial Zampa waterfall is another attraction here. The St. Paul's Church is the only active church at present. The old St. Thomas's Church has now been converted into the Diu Museum and, the Church of St. Francis of Assisi has, been converted into a hospital. The Nagoa beach is the most famous in Diu. The other beaches in Diu are Gomptimata, Chakratirth and the beautiful Sunset Point. The Jama Masjid situated here is also very famous. The temples situated here are the Gangeshwar and the Jallandhar temple. The Marwar memorial situated here commemorates the victory over the Portuguese. The massive fort built in 1541 is of major tourist interest here.

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