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If you are interested in the classical dance form, go to the Kamani Auditorium or Siri Fort. India International Center on Lodhi Road offers very good programs. In the cooler months, many dance and music festivals are organized and every corner of the city is alive with various interpretations of movement and sound.

Delhi has many exclusive dance clubs too. These clubs are located within Delhi’s five-star hotels such as Maurya Sheraton, Le Meridien, The Hilton, Hyatt Regency, Taj Palace, and Park Hotels. Houseguests and members can enter scot-free and the rest of Delhi has to pay for some fun. Each place is distinct from the other in its décor, music, lights, and crowd. Maurya Sheraton is most popular with the younger generation, and is perpetually packed in spite of the limited floor space. The Hilton’s and Taj Palace have comparatively better seating arrangements and an older crowd. The Hyatt Regency has the best décor. Most of the places have laser lights, which is interesting for watchers as it penetrates the dancers to form myriad shapes and figures on the facing wall. Some places even have a couple of TVs and of course, all discotheques have bars.

And for those who are willing to go beyond their limits for fun, The 32nd Milestone (32 km from Delhi on the highway to Jaipur) has the answer—Fireball. The place has a futuristic look with the décor resembling the interiors of a spaceship. The dance floor is very large unlike the other discos of Delhi.

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