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Himachal Pradesh

Music And Dance

The music and dances of Himachal Pradesh are similar to music and dance of other parts of the country, being steeped in religion and rituals of ancient times when the gods were invoked during the festivals.

The major dances of the state are the Bakayang dance, the Bnayangchu dance, the Chohara dance, the Gi dance, the Jataru Kayang dance, the Jhanjhar dance, the Jhoor dance, the Kayang dance, the Lang-dar-ma dance, the Nati dance, the Rasa dance, the Rakshasa (demon) dance, the Shand and the Shabu dances.

The musical instruments of Himachal Pradesh are the Chimta, Ektara, Flute, Ghariyal, Ghunghru, Jhanjh, Karna, Kindari, Manjara, Ranasingha and the Turhi.

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