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Himachal Pradesh

Physical Features

The entire region of Himachal Pradesh is hilly with the altitude ranging from 350 meters to 7000 meters above sea level. Geographically, Himachal Pradesh can be divided into three distinct regions.

The Shivalik or outer Himalayas: The lower Himalayas include the districts of Hamirpur, Kangra, Una, Bilaspur, and the lower parts of Solan, Sirmaur, and Mandi commonly known as the Shivalik Hills. The altitude in this region ranges from 350 meters to 1,500 meters.

Middle Himalayas or inner Himalayas: The middle Himalayas comprises of the region between the altitudes of 1,500 meters and 4,500 meters. The districts under this region are parts of Sirmaur, Mandi, and the upper parts of Kangra, Shimla, and Chamba.

And the Greater Himalayas or the alpine zone: The greater Himalayas or the alpine zone is at an altitude of 4,500 meters and above. The region is cut across by the river Sutlej and comprises the Kinnaur and Pangi tehsils of Chamba, and some parts of Lahaul and Spiti.

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