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Kerala is the only Indian state which has total literacy. Kerala is full of good things. This small state in the southern tip of the Indian peninsula has a mind-blowing landscape and infinity of intriguing customs, high-intensity cultural life and educated public so often dressed in white. From Kasargode to Thiruvananthapuram, the state is choc-a-bloc with places that attract tourists and travelers from all over the world.

There is no other state in the country that can present so much enthusiasm for life as it is visible in Kerala. Despite a high population, the economic condition is in much better shape than most of the other Indian states.

Basic civic facilities available to the common people are well in place and people know what their rights are. Industrialization (specially related to Information Technology) is taking place in the state in its true spirit and much faster than most of the states in the country. Influence from other countries has not eroded the cultural values of the people and they celebrate all the festivals with much enthusiasm. Combine all these factors and you would know why Keralites consider their state as God’s Own Country.

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