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Music & Dance

Kathakali is a 300-year-old dance form developed exclusively in Kerala combining the performing art forms of opera, ballet, masque, and pantomime. The dance is a beautiful blending of colour, dance, music, drama, and expressions. In a sense, a lot of the fame that the state has gained is mainly due to the popularity of this dance form.

Krishnanattom is very much like Kathakali with masks, colours, and dresses that tells us the story of Krishna in eight days.

Mohiniyattom is the distinctive classical dance form of Kerala whose origin is wrapped in legends. The dance form was quite famous from the 9th to 12th centuries and was later adopted by Devdasis or temple dancers.

Other important performing art forms of the state are Thullal, Koodiyattom, Kolkkali, Thiruvathirakali, Kakkarishi Natakom, Oppanna, and Chavittunatakom.

Panchavadyam, Nadanpattu, Omanathinkal Kidavo and many more music forms have evolved over the centuries in Kerala.

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