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Madhya Pradesh

Arts And Crafts

The art and craft of the state is unique from region to region. A long heritage of tradition continues to add a highly distinctive, individualistic touch to the crafts of Madhya Pradesh. The state is famous for its hand printing, generally with vegetable dyes. The major hand printing centers of the state includes, Jawad, Bhairongarh, Mandsaur, Umedpura, Burhanpur, Bhopal, Indore, Gotampura, Sohawal, Tarapur and many more.

Garments, bedspreads, tablecloths and curtain materials are produced at Umedpura and Tarapur in Nandana prints, which were once in vogue amongst the villagers of the legendary Nimar plain.

From Bhair come printed quilt covers in attractive colors and designs, lungies, odhanis, jajams (floor coverings), bedspreads and tablecloths. Tie and dye chunris are the speciality of Tarapur and Mandsaur. Textile weaving in Madhya Pradesh is as refined as the hand printing craft. Soft, subtle shades in delicate weaves come off the looms in Chanderi, near Gwalior.

The famous Chanderi sarees some of them with gold checks and rich gold borders along with two gold bands on the pallav, give each saree a special touch. The craftsmanship of the famous Maheshwari sarees has a wide variety of checks.

Madhya Pradesh is also famous at producing tussar silk handloom fabrics. Skilled craftsmanship of Madhya Pradesh are also displayed in a variety of zari embroidered (gold and silver threads) articles. There are zari wall hangings, handbags, sarees and splendid brocade borders. The carpet weaving center at Gwalior, in Madhya Pradesh is regarded as The Mecca of crafts.

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