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The Lepcha men wear a dress called 'pagi' made of stripped cotton while the Lepcha women wear a two-piece dress.

Among the Bhutias, the traditional dress of the men is known as the 'Bakhu', which is a loose cloak type garment with full sleeves. The women's dress consists of a silken 'Honju', which are full sleeved blouses and a loose gown type garment.

The women are very fond of heavy jewelry made of pure gold. The traditional Nepali dress for men consists of a long double breast garment flowing below the waist and a trouser known as 'Daura Suruwal'.

The women's dress consists of a double breasted garment with strings to tie on both sides at four places, which is shorter than the Daura and is known as 'Chow Bandi Choli'. They also wear a shawl known as 'Majetro'.

The 'Khukri', which has become synonymous with the Nepali (Gurkha) culture, is a very sharp edged, angled, heavy weapon carried in a wooden or leather scabbard known as 'Daab'.

Gangtok, the capital, is a modern city where tradition coexists with contemporary fashions and modes. While the women are fond of traditional dresses, the men folk have taken to western attire.

Jeans, jackets and suits exist along with the baku (full-length dress). Some of the elders can be seen with rosaries and prayer wheels.

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