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Music And Dance

Sikkim's famous mask dances provide a marvelous spectacle. Performed by lamas in the Gompa courtyard to celebrate religious festivals, these dances demonstrate perfect footwork and grace.

Costumed lamas with gaily-painted masks, ceremonial swords and sparkling jewels, leap and swing to the rhythm of resounding drums, trumpeting of horns and chanting of monks.

Saga Dawa is a very auspicious day for the Mahayana Buddhists. On this day, people go to monasteries to offer butter lamps and worship the Buddha. A huge procession of monks goes around Gangtok with holy scriptures.

The Kagyat dance is performed every 28th and 29th day of the Tibetan calendar. The solemn nature of the dances is interspersed with comic relief provided by an entertainer.

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