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Fish is a major delicacy in Assam. One can relish mouthwatering fish curries in and around Guwahati at cheap rates. During the Bihu festivals, a wide range of delicacies from the rice-flour pastries stuffed with coconut and til, named as til pitha and narikal pitha, to the sweet balls of coconut and til called larus, are prepared with great care in every home. Seera (flaked rice) and doi (curd and yogurt) are also popular.
The coconuts have a special taste here since they are grown on the banks of freshwater sources. Guwahati is the ideal place to savor the special thali of Assam. The Assamese thali is a real treat with its chutneys made from pudina and mustard seed. The delectable sweets of Assam are rosogolla, sandesh, and kalakand.

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