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Music & Dance

Ojapali, a dance of chorus singers, is led by the Oja. He starts the singing and then starts expressing the meaning of the song with hand gestures supported by eye movements and body postures. The role of the Palis (associates) is limited to giving an affirmative nod to the core meaning of the song with very simple one-line or often one-word utterance and very simple dance movement. This dance can be seen in and around Barpeta, Nalbari, Mangaldoi, Guwahati, Kamalabari Satra in Majuli, and in Narayanpur in Lakhimpur district.
Satriya Nritya is one of the finest dance forms of India. It was discovered in the 15th century by Mahapurush Sankardeva, the great Vaishnavite saint. His disciple Mahapurush Madhavdeva enhanced the classic quality of this dance form. Both Sankardeva and Madhavdeva also wrote devotional songs called Borgeets, which are quite popular among the masses even today.
The Bodos have many folk dances. The most important and attractive is the Bagrumba Dance. This is mainly a formation dance with slow steps and outstretched hands. A few girls, dressed in colorful attire, perform this dance to the accompaniment of traditional musical instruments.

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