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Arts And Crafts

In Haryana, the crafts are simple. Haryana has a strong handloom tradition, especially in Panipat. Panipat is famous for rugs and upholstery fabric. Haryana is a major textile town of India. Thick fabrics are a speciality of Haryana, as the climatic conditions do not allow the use of fine threads in normal looms.

Haryana’s interesting handicrafts include woven furniture, artistic pottery and woodcarving. There are two types of woven furniture. They are, chairs made of sarkande (a reed) from Faroukhnagar, modhas (round stools) and pidhis from Sonepat, which are essentially wooden stools with seats woven in cotton thread. Pitchers made in Rohtak district made with clay from Jhajjar are one of the best pitchers, as the clay gives a sweet taste to the water stored them. Pottery in Haryana ranges from simple pots meant for daily use to artistic decorative pieces.

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