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One common interest that binds the entire state together is milk. The people of Haryana have great liking for milk and milk products. These form an essential part of the their diet.

The Harappan Civilisation were the first people to occupy this land around 4,500 years ago. Later, the Aryans, one of the greatest nomadic tribes from Central Asia started migrating from their native place to two different destinations, i.e. Europe in the west and the Indian subcontinent in the east. They settled in places in Punjab and Haryana and called the land Panchal (land of five rivers) because of the presence of the mighty Indus and its tributaries.

The present populaces of Haryana are the descendents of the same Aryan race. The characteristics of the Aryans being tall, sharp features, and wheatish colour are clearly visible in the people of Haryana. By nature, these people are aggressive, but they are simple at heart. The aggressiveness in their nature is due to the hardships they faced by foreign invasions from Central Asia.

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