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Tamil Nadu


Tamil Nadu is the home of the Tamils and their Dravidian culture. Human activity in this area may have begun as early as 3,00,000 years ago. Historians are of the opinion that the first Dravidians were a part of the Indus Valley Civilization and came to the south after the invasions in the north, around 1500 BC.

The main language spoken here is Tamil, followed by English. While around 88% of the state's population follows Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam are also followed here in Tamil Nadu.

There is an established caste system, and the traditional differentiations here are a lot more pronounced than in many other parts of the country. The Brahmin community here is very religious and people normally have a white mark on their forehead to signify their caste.

Gypsies have had a special place in Tamil history. Many tribes and castes have accepted this iterant way of life. The Tamil deity Murugan's group was identified variably as a Kuravar (in Tamil Nadu) or as a Veddha (an indigenous hunter gatherer tribe in Sri Lanka). The Badagas, Kotas, and Todas are other tribes found in the Nilgiri hills.

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